1 months and 12 days old

These were taken back in January  for our "Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, We had a baby" announcements. Addy is now 3 months and 12 day's old - wait till you see how much she has changed... But, first enjoy these ;)

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Meet Miss Adelaide

Introducing Ever Lovin Adelaide
Miss Addy's story started this last Easter. After loosing Baby Joy my desire for wanting another baby was HUGE. However, i never ever dreamed of that happening as fast as it did. I was still sad and everytime a friend would tell me that they were expecting my heart was torn. Apart of me was super excited, cause all babies are incredible and amazing and the other part was hurting and still sad.
During our trip to Cali for Easter my dear sister in law told us that she was pregnant - i felt a battle in my heart. While everyone was super thrilled and hugging and congratulating, i sat there in my own pitty party wishing is was me. Also during this trip (because of the lose of a sweet man) my sister was also in Cali. I told her that my period was acting crazy and was a wee bit late. She looked at me like i was crazy and asked why i haven't taken a test yet. I told her i was to nervous and she instructed me to have Gabe drive me to a dollar store and buy a test - so we did. Brought it back to where we were staying, put the kids down, took the test and stared and stared and stared. Called Gabe and then proceeded to laugh out loud... it was positive... 
4 months after loosing our precious Baby Joy, i was pregnant again. All i could think of was "WOW Lord, you are incredible..."
I had another wonderful little life growing inside of me. I knew it happened this quickly for some friends, but never thought i would happen to us.  I was in shock. I was nervous. I was thrilled. I was doubtful. So many emotions were going on at the same time - i wasent sure of what to feel. We.... um, Gabe decided to let ;) me only tell a few people until we went to the doctor... YEA RIGHT!!! I loved having family and friends come along side me in prayer and encouragement when we lost our baby. I was going to tell EVERYONE and if it were to happen again - all of that love would be poured out on us again. 

My pregnancy went well. I had a new doctor - whom we loved. He loved the Lord and cared about us. He also aloud me to go off of blood thinners and proceed with this pregnancy on baby asprin. 
It was smooth sailing - unless you count the always tired, out of breath, lack of energy and skin and nail issues... :)
Eli was excited (even though it was another sister) Cora couldnt wait to pick out her clothes, Charlie on the other hand wanted the baby belly to go away (as did i, but for other reasons ;). She was the baby and no way was anyone else going to take her place. 
My due date was December 10th, 2012. We passed the 10th with no progress. My parents were going out of town for Christmas - Gabe's co worker already had the week of Christmas off - so we decided to be induced on the 13th. I really wanted her to come on her own - but it wasent looking like that was going to happen and we were ok with that. 
On the 12th we got the kids stuff ready, my stuff ready,  and sweet friends of ours brought us dinner that night. We then took the kids to my parents house and spent the last night (infant free) at our house. The next morning (because we were being induced) i had plans look my best - hair, make up -  for one purpose only - we were having. for the first time. a birth photographer. And what happened???? I slept in. I didnt hear my alarm and woke up with just enough time to take a very quick shower, get dressed and go. no make up, no hair and no looking cute of any sort... Oh well , i was getting my baby ;) 

We got there 2 mins before check in. We got into our room, i was getting dressed into my so stylish moomoo robe when i overheard Gabe trying to tell the nurse how to spell Adelaides name. It was hilarious. I don't know how many of you know this - but when we found out that Charlie was a girl and went searching for her name. I found Charlotte and we both agreed it was lovely. Gabe however, could not spell it. So i searched on different ways to spell it and came across Charlet. 

Adelaide came from the movie Guys and Dolls. Frank Sinatra sings "Ever Lovin Adelaide" to his girl after finally agreeing (although only doing so to hide his poker game) to marry her after 14 years of dating her. She's not the best roll model ;) but who doesnt adore Franky's voice???? 

Gabe agreed he loved the name but since there was no way he was going to remember how to spell it he was going to call her Addy which was ok with me. 

I got all hooked up to the all so AWFUL pitocin and we were all set to go.
When i arrived i was 1.5 cm dilated - almost a 2... checked again around 10, 2 cm for sure. At 12:50 i was a 3 -water was broken and contractions were making themselves well known...At around 1:30 the contractions started to really show themselves. I walked, i sat on the ball, i layed in bed (i started to have back pains). 2:30pm contractions went from bearable to tears and shaking. This was my 4th inducement. With the other 3 i whimped out at around 3cm. Contractions hit me hard. I'm curious to see how i do without being induced (next time;)
Anyhow, i was determined to go as long as my mind and the pain would allow me to go. The contractions started to piggy back each other. There was no recovery time. No time to catch my breath.
3:30 hit - i was checked, i was at a 5 and to the point where i could no longer take this horrible pain. They ordered me my epideral - guy came in. I started to cry over the pain of the contraction - guy asked me to breath and relax. I flinched with the numbing prick (like i always do) - guy asked me to hold still or this could go very wrong. I became a statue (i have never been told that before) - guy inserted the very very long needle that helps me to not feel pain. I take a deep breath, Gabe takes a deep breath, guy takes a deep breath.... In my not expert opinion - guy probably should have kept his sigh to himself..........

I layed down on my side while my legs started to go numb, so numb i had absolutely no feeling what.so.ever in my right leg...
I was beat and decided i was going to close my eyes for a bit and relax. 
At this time our all so wonderful,talented,beautiful photog/friend arrived. She brought me a sweet bag o treats. and started to snap some around the room photo's. She then went to the waiting room to..wait it out ;)
At 4:50pm i was dilated to a 6, closed my eyes and relaxed. All through out this i was on Facebook - yup, i needed something to distract me and it was easy access. I wrote my progress and even had a little contest that started at 10am. What time was this little lady going to be born. Here is what i wrote on FB:

To keep my mind occupied - lets play a game :-)
What time do you think Miss Adelaide will grace us with her presence?
Dr and nurses picked 3, I have 6, Gabe says 4 and Chrissy B says noon..... Go.

  So many friends and family guessed. It was so fun. 

At 5:45pm Dr W. came in to see how i was doing. I was resting and happy. He asked me "Do you feel any pressure?" I answered "I don't know, i guess." He checked me and felt the top of Addy's head.Gabe texted Debbie our photographer at 5:51pm "Baby Coming" she bolted and arrived. Dr W. told me she was coming, which caught me off guard and i started laughing. He gave me a huge smile and told me to stop laughing, it was going to push her out and he was not ready yet. 
In order for her to stay in he had to hold her there. The nurses dressed him and Gabe put gloves on and in no seconds flat she slipped out right into Gabe's hands. There was no pushing, no straining, so broken blood vessels, no ripping or tearing - just slipping. Gabe held her and lifted her up. It was INCREDIBLE. She was covered in the yucky white stuff ;) but you could just tell how lovely she was. She screamed until i held her close. All i could do was laugh. My heart grew. This was my 4th time feeling this brand new love - but it always takes me by surprise. That first moment when you lay your eyes on this amazing life that just came out of you. The life you have known for many many months is now resting on your chest, holding your finger and knowing your voice... Seriously, tears right now just remembering it. What an amazing gift God has given us. What an amazing plan to have us women carry these life's in our belly's, push them out of a place that - let's be honest here - O.U.C.H!!! ;) and then is given the gift and the great responsibility of raising them in the way of the Lord and caring for their every need... What a HUGE deal.

She was little, she was sweet, and we loved her. The look on my husband's face was kind. He put her first diaper on (just like he did with Cora and Charlet) he held her hand and rubbed her feet. He smiled and he to fell in love all over again. What a precious experience to share with your husband - the man whom you love more than any human being on earth. A little piece of me and a little piece of him.

We had so many visitors that night. My room was filled with friends, Papa, Mimi and siblings for this little one. It was wonderful.
My mom came later that night. She couldnt wait to get her hands on her 8th grandchild. 
After she left we decided to get some sleep. Around 1:30am Gabe asks me if he could go home, shower and change - of course i said yes ;) 

While he was gone i started to feel some pain in my stomach. I called for the nurse - she helped me to the bathroom and blood started to pour out along with huge blood clots. Afterwards i felt tons better. I got back into bed  closed my eyes and 5 mins later the pain came back, but this time was twice as painful. I rang for the nurse again and told her it was back. She called a few nurses in. They talked a bit about what to do....... At this point i was also getting angry. I told her i needed help to get up and go to the bathroom. She told me no and to pass them in the bed. I said NO and started to get up on my own. She had no choice but to help me. I passed more blood and more clots, but this time the bleeding wouldnt stop and neither would the pain. She got me back into bed and the nurses talked about their next move. They talked about giving me a shot of lovenox - UM??? Hello, that is a blood thinner and i'm bleeding everywhere - i yelled out for them to call Dr W and they agreed. Geniuses i tell you.

Gabe arrived to the chaos, Dr W. arrived almost at the same time. My dr told me that he had to get the blood clots out and that it was going to hurt badly .
He did what he had to do - push and pull - I shook, cried and started to yell a bit. Worst pain i have ever been through. As i was going through this i was able to look into the eyes of my dr. If i could have separated myself from myself my heart would have broken. He felt so bad.
He finished up, hugged me and left so i could get some sleep. A few hours later he came back sat on my bed and apologized for hurting me. Seriously, a great man, a great doctor.
We got to take our little lady home that next day and couldnt of been more happy. Mom and Dad kept the kids one extra night so we could have a clam first night home. It was sweet. Then Gabe went to pick them up and took them for their Saturday donuts. Brought them back home and they got to meet their new sister for the second time. Charlie fell head over heals in love. Cora couldnt hold her enough and Eli was proud to be the big brother of 3 sissys. 

Now for pictures 

Why Yes, That is my proud doctor holding my placenta.

 More pictures to come.....


Fall Fall Fall

Every time one of our kiddo's turns 3 (including my sis's kids) we make mom and dad a shadow box of pics of the 3 year old. Char turned 3 in August and i sort of forgot ;) So what better way to make it up??? 
Yes kids, you must rake up the leaves before jumping into them...  he heee

Char peaking from under my belly

they started to figure out my evil plan...

and decided to just play

seriously C U T E!




 For a while now Gabe has been a HUGE Blue's fan. In August he saw that BB King was playing in Nevada and totally without thinking of the fact that i would be 8 months pregnant decided we needed to go. He bought our tickets and hotel stay and we were set. He couldnt wait. I was actually getting very excited as well - not totally for the same reasons ;) but that's ok. 
We arrived, we got checked in, i cleaned myself up, we "gambled" a bit, i lost a dollar and was not happy, he won $.15 and left the voucher in our hotel room. We ate food - which was eh. We people watched which was interesting, we went to a freaky supermarket and bought markers so BB could sign Gabe's picture. We rested. We waited. It was finally time for us to go. 
Seriously, you would have thought he was a kid going to Disneyland. He could hardly contain himself. 
We get there, get our FRONT ROW SEATS, he buys me a shirt ;) i put the shirt on. More people start to arrive. The row behind us starts to fill up with 4 MEGA drunk, foul mouthed guys sitting right behind us. Me not happy. THEN................ the woman who get's to occupy the seat to my left arrives.. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Drunk, Drunk, Drunk.. This middle aged woman "who had to tell everyone that she was not with her husband" comes and sits down. Asks me if i have ever seen BB live before - i say no. She then says "OOOOOOOO, You can tell he loves what he doooooooooooooooos." I pray that i have a great time regardless of said middle aged drunk lady. BB makes his grand appearance after a wee bit of time with the horn section by themselves. He sits down a big guy hands him Lucy and he starts to play.... It was so much fun. Would have been more fun if i could have socked middle aged drunk lady out, but i didnt let her ruin it for me. BB is 87 years old, makes faces like a 87 year old and starts his stories totally forgetting where we was going with them like a 87 year old..He was wonderful. He referred to my baby as JR serveral times. Asked if Gabe was the father. Gave me a thumbs up. Rocked Lucy. Forgot how one of his songs went. Gave us some free stuff. Signed Gabe's picture and smiled the whole time... 
It was a great night.